Gal Gadot intervenes in a company that combats bullying and cyberbullying

Film actress and producer Gal Gadot and her husband Jaron Varsano have announced that they are investing in the edtech startup Safe School, founded last summer by former journalist Doron Herman.

Safe School is a content streaming platform for schools and municipalities. The company creates personalized educational plans to combat and reduce bullying and cyberbullying. The platform currently operates in Israel, where it has onboarded nearly 600 schools.

The size of the investment made by Gadot and Varsano was not revealed, but according to estimates it is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“When I left journalism a year and a half ago, I was looking for people who could speak up and empower 12-13 year old girls. Someone suggested that we approach Gal Gadot and after speaking with her the idea of ​​her and Jaron coming together as active partners was born,” Herman told Calcalist. “We had a lot of meetings and she heard a lot of kids talking about being bullied,” he added.

Safe School content is created within the framework of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), focusing on the rapidly changing digital lives of children. Safe School is run by a team of former news and media experts and education professionals (teachers, social workers, school counselors and educational psychologists).

The team has already created hundreds of video units with accompanying learning materials that provide educators with contemporary tools to deal with everyday school climate challenges. Among the topics within those videos: online safety, sex education, empowerment, learning skills, empathy, digital orientation, teamwork, and more.

Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano: “We are excited to be involved in a project that puts such an important issue at the forefront: creating a safer digital sphere for our children.

As parents of three girls, we know how today’s digital age makes us all revisit the challenges our children face, especially mental ones. We all have a responsibility, as a society, to give them and their educators the right tools to thrive.”

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