Gal Gadot Reveals How She Landed the ‘Wonder Woman’ Role

The talented Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot was a breath of fresh air for the film industry with her wonderful personality and charisma. We were able to enjoy her acting skills in the films “Batman vs Superman”, “Justice League” and in the “Wonder Woman” trilogy belonging to the DC Comics universe.

She recounts in the interview made for the British magazine Empire, that she appeared at the casting for the film director Zack Snyder unaware of what role he was aspiring to. He recounts that at the end she asked his agent if she knew which character she intended to embody, however, neither of them had that information in his possession.

“Fine, but what is the character?”

“Do you know? Neither do I”

It was the exact conversation Gal Gadot kept with the agent. The famous former Miss Israel had no idea of ​​the wonderful adventure that awaits her that day and the impact that being part of this cast would have on her artistic career.

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Gal Gadot reveals how she got the role of ‘Wonder Woman’. Source: Instagram

Two days after what happened Zack Snyder I call Gal Gadot and with it he brought a huge surprise. The actress herself recalled that day saying “Zack called me two days after I traveled from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. And, super indifferent, he said to me: ‘By the way, do you want to know what the test was for? I don’t know if they know her in Israel, but do you know who she is? wonder-woman?'” The surprise was so great for the Israeli that she said, “Then I literally passed out. I came back to life and tried to put on the calmest voice I could. ‘Yes, I know her,’ I said.

Later in the interview he joked that even during the filming of ‘Batman vs Superman’ he was still hesitant about the casting, “I thought I was auditioning while making the movie”.

There is no doubt that the choice was the right one because her performance as the powerful Wonder Woman has left nothing to be desired and there could be no one better than Gal Gadot to interpret it.

Gal Gadot He also had the opportunity to participate in other works on the big screen before incarnating his character in DC Comics. She was in other successful franchises like ‘Fast and Furious’ and in the movie ‘Cleopatra’.

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