Gal Gadot shocks with the story of her grandfather

Wars bring out the worst in people and leave the saddest horror in their wake. This is what is happening with the war in ukraine, and it is the same thing that has already happened before. Despite the years that have passed, the barbarities continue to the incredulity of so many people who see how history repeats itself again.

stories like the Abraham Weissthe grandfather of the famous Israeli actress Gal Gadotwell known for her role as wonder-woman, from DC Comics. On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated on April 27, the actress wanted to tell how her life was during the Second World Wara story that has shocked thousands of people around the world.

“This is my grandfather, Abraham Weisswas born as Adolf Weiss, but changed its name after the war for obvious reasons,” he began by explaining. “My grandfather was born in Czechoslovakia, also known as the Czech Republic. His father was drafted into the army and never comebackso his mother was left with 2 little boys, Abraham, my grandfather, and Benjamin.”

Abraham had to endure a “long train ride to Auschwitz”says the actress, in cars where he had to remain cramped with an “inhuman amount of people”, to finally be separated from the family he had left, his mother and younger brother, upon reaching his destination, which is popularly known as known as “the selection”. “He never saw them again”he added.

His grandfather quickly became an orphan, at only 13 years old, and his life took a sudden and cruel turn, being forced to spend his days with a single thought and objective: “survive”. “What he saw, the horrors he went through, they are unimaginable“explains the actress.

“For years he didn’t talk about it, only after my grandmother passed away did he realize how short life is and how important it is to tell the story so that it never happens again. NO ONE should ever be oppressed or persecuted because of their race, religion, or for any reason. That’s my opinion on life. My grandfather’s legacy lives deep in my heart. He loved people, believed in them and respected people for who they are. Came from the darkest place, more oppressed and with a seed of hope a new life was built in Israel. I pray that we as humans come together and let’s stop the bloodshed, everywhere and forever. I pray that our children have a normal, positive and fruitful future where people come together and let hope and love rule the world. Remember and never forget“, he concluded.

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