Gal Gadot taught Arnold Schwarzenegger a thing or two in Agent Stone promo

This Friday, Gal Gadot returns to Netflix with Agent Stone, a fast-paced new action and espionage film. Don’t miss his hilarious promo with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Netflix will add to its catalog in a few days agent stonea new original film from the platform girl gadot ,snow White, death on the nile, red Alert) in the role of an international intelligence agent.

To whet your appetite, the platform has launched a fun promo of agent stone where the actress teaches one of Netflix’s latest signings, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a few things. You can watch the promo in the video at the top of this content.

As you well remember, actor Fubar has been named netflix action bureau chiefAnd in this new promo, we see how seriously he takes his work.

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Thus, the video shows Arnold Schwarzenegger Preparing Netflix employees their morning dose of coffee to give them the touch of action they need.

On her part, Gal Gadot pops into the bar for her coffee and promises the self-proclaimed spy expert that she’ll love the new spy movie she’s starring in.

Although Schwarzenegger Struggled to Serve Gadot a Steaming Cup of Coffee, She’s Still a Star wonder woman who has to take the reins and hand over the reins to the hero Fubar Most Explosive Cup.

what is it about agent stonenew netflix spy movie

The story of the film revolves around Rachel Stone, an international intelligence agent, who has to embark on her most dangerous mission ever.

Agent You are tasked with keeping an object called The Heart from falling into the wrong hands. And be used with the worst of intentions.

Together with Gadot, he plays Agent Stone. jamie dornan ,mystery in venice, Tourist, Belfast, sophie okonedo ,book of katherine, death on the nile, endless storm) And mathias schweghofer ,swimmer, army of thieves), among others.

under the direction of Tom Harper ,aeronautical, wild Rose, Phillip K. Dix’s Electric Dreams, agent stone Premieres on Netflix Catalog This Friday, August 11, 2023, What do you think about the promo of the film?

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