Gal Gadot writes a tender message to her mother

On his Instagram account with almost 80 million followers, the talented actress Gal Gadot, who masterfully plays Wonder Woman, uploaded a beautiful photo with her mother About Mother’s Day.

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The beautiful actress, who recently he also uploaded a message about the holocaust, he wrote, in the description of the post, some beautiful words about the importance of his mother in his life.

“Happy Mother’s Day Ima! I am so lucky to have my mom by my side on this crazy journey, to give me strength, share her knowledge, and show me her endless love and support. She is my rock and my consolation. And to all of you amazing moms, you are the power that moves this earth, thank you! #Mother’s Day” wrote the artist.

gal gadot mom

They both look very beautiful!

the beauty of Gal Gadot definitely inherited it from her mom. And so his followers let him know in the more than 3,500 comments that has this post.

“Happy #mothersday to your mom, Gal Gadot you are the best actress. Much love from Toronto take care of your mom ”wrote one of her fans.

“Wow babe…is that pretty lady next to you your mom? Really baby? They both look like sisters dear. They are both so beautiful and look so young, my 2 dolls. Such wonderful babies. Kisses ”commented another of his followers.

“Is that what you call your mom…Ima? We have the same word, in our local language we call my mom es Ima.”

“You look beautiful Gal Gadot you are amazing as Wonder Woman you look beautiful just the way you are you were amazing in ‘Red Notice’ and you were amazing in the death of the Nile I am a big fan of yours happy Mother’s Day to your mom.”

“Happy Mother’s Day ‘Gal hayaffah vehayekahrah’, and Happy Mother’s Day to your equally beautiful mom!”

“@gal_gadot, Happy Mother’s Day to you and your beautiful mom. Have a great day”.

“To the loveliest mom and her proud mom: Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!”

“Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom and all other moms (in some countries, in France, it will be at the end of May). A mom is a wonderful asset to love and protect when old age comes.”

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