Gal Gadot’s Tesla that captures all eyes

Gal Gadot is today one of the highest paid actresses of the moment. This allows her to live surrounded by luxury and add incredible cars to her garage. One of these vehicles that she drives is capable of drawing the attention of anyone who sees it. She knows more about the Tesla with which the Israeli monopolizes all eyes, below.

Gal Gadot She has become one of the best paid actresses of the moment. Thanks to the leap to fame that she achieved after being part of the saga fast and furiousagreed to great roles such as Diana Prince, wonder-woman. In 2024 we will see her as the evil queen in the live action of Disney, Snow Whitewhere he will perform alongside Rachel Zegler.

Her acting career allowed Gadot to amass a nice fortune. just for starring Red Noticewhere he shared filming with Dwayne Johnson Y Ryan Reynoldsthe one born in Israel took a bag of $20 million. Such high salaries allow her to live surrounded by luxury and add incredible cars to her garage.

In his ostentatious collection we can find various vehicles. She can indulge in driving a Mini Cooper Sa cadillac-escaladea Jaguar F Typea BMW X5M and a Tesla Model X. The latter has a market value of 140 thousand dollars and stands out for its striking doors, which capture the attention of anyone who sees them.

The Model X has two doors “falcon wing” in the rear seats. These open out and up, modifying its route based on the objects near the vehicle detected by the sensors they have. In addition, this car has a spacious cabin which is ideal for the actress and her family, made up of her husband and their 3 daughters.

This eye-catching Tesla features two electric motors: one gives you front-wheel drive while the other gives rear wheel drive. Together, these engines generate a combined power of 671 horsepower to accelerate 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and reach a 250km/h top speed.

Gal Gadot and her flashy Tesla Model X.

Gal Gadot and her Tesla Model X.

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