Gamarra registry officer remains in critical condition in Bucaramanga

The health condition of Rosenda Contreras, one of the registry office officials seriously injured in the Gamarra fire, Cesar. He is fighting for his life through echo therapy due to lung infection and his condition remains critical. Ecmo therapy, which provides cardiac and respiratory support in severe cases, was implemented to address respiratory complications arising from lung infections.

Rosenda Contreras was transferred from the University Hospital of Granada to the Colombian Cardiovascular Foundation in Bucaramanga, where she received urgent treatments to improve her respiratory function. The decision to transfer her was taken due to the respiratory complications she was experiencing and the hope that Ecmo therapy would contribute to her recovery.

“The patient suffered respiratory complications because burns make people more vulnerable to infection,” said Leonardo Salazar, head of the cardiopulmonary and artificial heart program at the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia. And that’s why he needed a special treatment that involves artificially replacing the lungs with an extracorporeal prosthesis called Ecmo, so they’re “waiting for his lung infection to improve.”

The doctor said that “the patient has deep burns on the upper part of the body and they have partially healed, however, the burns cause more sensitivity.” For infection because the skin is a very important barrier to prevent bacteria and fungi from entering the body and by losing this barrier, bacteria that circulate through the blood and infect other organs easily enter. Are. “This is his condition now, a respiratory complication due to an infection which is currently being treated with antibiotics.”

Head of the Ecmo and Artificial Heart Program of the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia It was confirmed that the patient’s condition remains critical.

On the other hand, andThe University Hospital of Granada said in a statement that the other officer injured in the attack against the Gamarra Registry Office continues to be in intensive care., with reserved forecasts. It was confirmed that this second patient is in coma, being monitored daily by specialist doctors.

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