Gamer fortunes, video games that generate more profits for the industry

This week, Electronic Arts announced that it will no longer produce the sports video game Fifa. The title, launched in 1993, published a new installment year after year with updates on teams and players. However, the company assured that one of the reasons for stopping publishing the video game is the cost of the license for production. Despite the fact that one of the last titles of the franchise, Fifa 21, reached more than 140 million copies sold, now lovers of these Electronic Arts installments will be able to acquire new titles, but under the name of EA Sports FC.

The video game industry has grown exponentially over the decades. It is a sector that even exceeds the profits of the cinematographic world: before the arrival of the pandemic, in 2019, the cinema moved close to US$41,000 million, while the production of video games reached US$120,000 million.

According to the Vandal Minecraft portal, GTA V and Tetris are the video games that have generated the most sales with 200, 130, and 100 million copies, respectively. The list also includes titles such as Wii Sports (82 million titles sold), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (60 million), Super Mario Bros (48 million) and Pac-Man (39 million).

The ADSLZone portal establishes that, historically, some sagas such as Pac-man and Space Invaders have generated US14,000 million. Other titles such as Dungeon Fighter Online have had earnings above US11.8 billion.

Likewise, other classic titles such as Street Fighter have generated profits of US$11,200 for Capcom, its creator house. There are also online games like Warcraft whose success brought in $10.6 billion for the makers.

Despite these figures, it is important to keep in mind that over the years there are games that will collect much more money than classic titles. The Music Magpie website revealed in its publication “How much money do video games generate in a minute” that world-famous titles, such as Fornite, for example, generate US$2,852 every sixty seconds.

In the case of Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends, each minute these online titles generate $2,535 and $2,377, respectively. Sports also have a place in this list: titles such as Fifa 19 and Fifa 20 are estimated to generate US$1,196 and US$798, respectively.

An important video game to watch out for is GTA V, one of Rockstar’s last big titles that could generate, according to Music Magpie estimates, $942 every sixty seconds. Earnings from this sandbox video game are also estimated at US6,000 in total, according to the portal.

GTA V has the peculiarity of offering an online game system that has been an overwhelming success and which generates great profits for its parent company Rockstar. The company has not been as successful with this model with other titles; An example of this is Red Dead Redemption 2, a title that did not make an impact with its online proposal, but due to its artistic detail and history set in the United States at the end of the 9th century, it has generated more than US$31 million in profits and ranks 24th. of the best-selling titles, according to Vandal.

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