Games turning 30 in 2023

As expected, 2023 also marks the anniversaries of several classic games, since there are franchises that turn 30 years old. This era was characterized by the presence of Nintendo with the Super Nintendo.

Likewise, because of the ’16-bit war’ he had with Sega and with the rise of arcades. At that time these last ones had several of the most advanced titles; they were at the peak of their popularity.

But the PC also had something to say about it. In these years, sprite-based games were kings. However, 3D titles began to appear that would eventually become the norm.

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Nintendo began to experiment with the latter and one of the ones that stood out the most was starfox thanks to the use of the Super FX chip. in computers was born Doomwhich although it was not the first First Person Shooter, it is the most influential.

Games turning 30 in 2023
Fountain: Nintendo.

In 1993 the series of Samurai Showdown that with its refined and polished gameplay that continues to be liked by gamers.

In that year he saw the light The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakeningone of the best installments of the saga of Legend of Zelda on laptops.

Something that was common in the games that came out 30 years ago and we celebrate in 2023 is that when they appeared in the arcade, many ended up reaching consoles.

Games turning 30 in 2023
Fountain: Nintendo.

What are the games that turn 30 in 2023?

Similar to other articles that we have shared with you below, you can see the list of games that turn 30 in 2023. It is necessary to point out that on this occasion we take into account their first release date.

That is to say, that on some occasions it is Japanese, American or from another region. Likewise, we do not discriminate if it appeared first in the arcade or console. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list:

Samurai Showdown

Departure: July 7, 1993

Consoles: Arcade

Games turning 30 in 2023
Fountain: Namco.

ridge racer

Departure: October 30, 1993

Consoles: Arcade

nba jam

Departure: April 1993

Consoles: Arcade

Games turning 30 in 2023
Fountain: Acclaim.

Mortal Kombat II

Departure: November 1993

Consoles: Arcade


Departure: February 21, 1993

Consoles: SNES

Fountain: Nintendo.

Kirby’s Adventure

Departure: March 23, 1993

Consoles: NES

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Departure: June 6, 1993

Consoles: Game Boy

Fountain: Nintendo.

Super Mario All Stars

Departure: July 14, 1993

Consoles: SNES

Sonic CD

Departure: September 23, 1993

Consoles: Sega CD

Fountain: Bethesda.


Departure: December 10, 1993

Consoles: PC

Mega Man X

Departure: December 17, 1993

Consoles: SNES

Apart from traveling to the past we have more information about video games in EarthGamer. Follow our news on Google news so as not to miss any.

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