Gas Jeans, the name of Andrea Citterio appears

The story of Gas Jeans seems to be at a turning point. The bankruptcy petition was decreed at the end of 2021, the historic jeans brand now sees the name of Andrew Citterio, entrepreneur to which the investment holding belongs Duke.

Citterio presented an expression of interest for the acquisition of the business complex Grotto, owner of the vincentina denim company. Duke’s project, supported in the operation by Marco Corbetta, founder of the associated law firm DMC, is aimed at recovering and relaunching the brand identity, as well as enhancing the corporate know-how through a transformation of the business model and the development of foreign markets. The operation, the official note reads, would also involve international players.

Citterio holds stakes and sits on the board of directors of companies belonging to various sectors, from fashion to robotics. Since 2015, he has specialized in lighting engineering as CEO and owner of Penta, Castaldi And Arredoluce, which he recently grouped under Auralis, the first and only Italian lighting center.

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