Gayle releases new music album I Didn’t Told You About

Puerto Rican songwriter and singer Carolina Isabel Colón Juarbe higher recognized by her stage identify “Galle“Lance” new music album It’s called “What I Didn’t Told You”.

Gael comes from a family of musicians, where the Puerto Rican singer took her first steps in the world of music at the age of 7, releasing her first song titled “Amor Sincero”.

The musician is best known for his song “Get Up”, which was chosen as the official music for the CONCACAF Gold Cup event in 2017.

During his artistic career, Gayle has offered his talents as a musician to various renowned artists such as Shakira, Juanes, Anita, Pharrell Williams, Cardi B, Lele Ponce, Manuel Turijo, David Bisbal, Grecian, Pablo Alborán, Maike got the opportunity to do so. Towers, and Wisin and Yandel.

The singer expresses that her album is the inspiration of an emotional breakup that happened in her life and she stayed there knowing that the place was not good for her and that as a result of this life you have to learn from mistakes and move on. get opportunity. Ahead.

Within the album, the Puerto Rican singer affirms that all the songs are honest, that they are vulnerable, very nostalgic, that they are about empowerment, about putting yourself first, and that it is a reminder to choose yourself. Ok and love yourself more.

Gayle’s musical album release “Lo Que No Te Dije” is now available on digital music platforms YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer, iTunes Store and Spotify. fIFEM v9udmvY6OGQo7B770 Tp95ilhlovcDKwRHjtWOzH5ZCyKiOCnmaZATDKYjmqhifohJBaoTlZAnJBUOLdGF1xQ8Q4ytTVF5BxWCZCNI0veFIkwkzGn9aVe

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