GdS – Inter in the round of 16: 63 million UEFA prizes. Respected the budget

The Nerazzurri club needs to expand the base of resources produced within it

The qualification to the round of 16 of the Champions League will yield all‘Interat least 63 million euros of suns Uefa awards. Thus divided, as evidenced by the Gazzetta dello Sport: 25 million between participation fee and results achieved so far in the group, 16 million from the historical ranking, 12 million minimum from the market pool and 9.6 million as a bonus for access to the round of 16. A figure that is a conservative forecast on the calculation of the market pool, assuming that all the other Italians competing in the competition reach the bottom and that Simone Inzaghi’s team comes out in the second round; that’s why, realistically, a few million more must already be taken into account.

Specifically, the Nerazzurri’s entry into the best 16 in Europe was worth around 20 million, also considering the box office receipts and the sponsors’ bonuses. Now – reads the online edition of the rosy – the prospect is to further increase the harvest and improve the visibility of the brand internationally, with direct and indirect benefits on the accounts. Certainly, the fact of having passed the group stage, therefore of being able to count on an extra treasure, is a panacea for the cash.

The 2021-22 budget, in fact, was drawn up taking into account participation in the Champions League groups with progress up to the semifinals in the Europa League and the capacity of the stadiums at 50%. Which means that the loot collected from landing in the knockout stage has already matched expectations, while the Meazza’s capacity increase to 75% is bringing additional resources. “Certainly, in a very complicated situation and with a property that is unable to provide liquidity as in the past (just remember the revaluation of the brand necessary to avoid recapitalization), it is essential for Inter to expand the base of the resources produced. within it. European competitiveness can offer a hand in this sense because it contributes to increasing the characteristic turnover. The rich sales, however, will continue to be a necessity, unless the scenario changes “, the gloss of the piece signed by Marco Iaria.

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