GeForce RTX 3090 Stops you in the pits? Stop to production due to hardware problems and more

Announced January 4 at CES 2022, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti it was supposed to debut in late January, but apparently it won’t. TweakTown reports that NVIDIA would have required partners to pause the production of custom cards due to some unspecified ones problems. According to Videocardz sources, the problems would be both hardware and software related to the board BIOS.

There are no other details at the moment (for example … what will happen to the cards already produced? Can they be saved?), But in fact after CES 2022 NVIDIA has never contacted us to talk about the product in more detail nor did they communicate us a release date, a sign that everything was in the making.

There GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, we remember, is based on one GA102 GPU fully enabled with 10752 CUDA core, 336 Tensor cores and 84 RT cores, while the operating frequencies of the chip stand at 1560 MHz of base and 1860 MHz of boost. The RTX 3090 keeps you 24 GB of GDDR6X memory like the RTX 3090, but the chips are set to 21 Gbps instead of 19.5 Gbps. The memory bus also remains at 384 bits for a memory bandwidth of 1008 GB / s.

NVIDIA indicates an FP32 computing power equal to 40 TFLOPs, 11% more than the 36 TFLOPs of the RTX 3090. In addition, there are 78 TFLOPs available for ray tracing calculations and 320 TFLOPS for artificial intelligence operations. . As for the TDP, we talk about 450W and the need to power it through a new power connector a 16 pin, developed for future PCI Express 5.0 solutions (and already appeared on an ASUS ROG power supply).

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