General Florián Pérez says goodbye to the Army after serving 40 years

Forty years after starting his registration of soldier in the military field and hold high positions in the command ladder, The Commander General of the Army, Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, has said goodbye to his comrades-in-arms, during an emotional act of military brotherhood.

The advance on this event, which took place yesterday from 11:30 in the morning, had been announced to all brigade commanders and other groups, through memorandum 6645, dated last Monday, August 8.

By then, General Florián Pérez ordered that he be prepared a lunch in an appropriate place, in his name, to the soldiers of the respective units, “in a farewell message”, through the Zoom videoconference platform.

Graduated with a degree in business administration from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA), in 1989, this veteran officer entered the Military Academy of the Armed Forces “Batalla de las Carreras” in 1982.

He participated as a representative and speaker of the Dominican armed forces in Guatemala, Canada, Bolivia, Colombia, United States, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Spain.

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