Genesis Rodríguez and his return with ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Genesis Rodriguez is Sloane, number five of the Sparrows team in The Umbrella Academy (Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

Genesis Rodriguez is Sloane, number five of the Sparrows team in The Umbrella Academy (Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

Genesis Rodríguez is one of the actresses of the moment in the United States thanks to her magnificent performance as the emotionally vulnerable Sloane, in the Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’. And although she has a long career in film and television, for those who do not follow her career closely, it might seem that she spent years missing from the small and big screens. She acknowledges that there was a year and a half in which she stopped all professional activity, but except for that time, she has not stopped working since she left soap operas.

“I like that people are not sure where they have seen me. It represents that I am doing well and that my strategy is working,” said the 34-year-old artist in an interview with Yahoo Vida y Estilo. For her, it is important that the roles she accepts “do not resemble each other. I only accept roles that are different from the previous ones.”

It is something that was clear to him when he moved to the city of Los Angeles with the goal of making his way in Hollywood. “I was not going to allow myself to be pigeonholed, something that is very easy for Latino actors to do,” she explained.

The dilemma of being the daughter of

At 7 years old, Génesis Rodríguez was already working on television. In 1994 she was part of the group of dancers in the children’s program ‘El club de los tigritos’. A decade later she had one of the main characters in the Telemundo telenovela ‘Prisionera’.

She worked in eight episodes of the American soap opera ‘Days of our Lives’ between 2005 and 2006 with the character of Becky Ferrer and in 2008 she got her first leading role with ‘Dame Chocolate’. where she shared posters with Carlos Ponce. She then came to ‘Doña Bárbara’, where she worked hand in hand with the late Mexican actress Edith González.

Genesis Rodríguez and Carlos Ponce at the premiere of the telenovela

Genesis Rodríguez and Carlos Ponce at the premiere of the telenovela “Dame Chocolate” (John Parra/WireImage)

“I did not go to uni. I always say that I studied at Telemundo University and it is the best in the world to learn to be an actor who has immediate access to emotions. There I learned to cry in an instant,” Rodríguez said. , who declared herself “grateful for life to soap operas”.

Not everyone is starring in primetime as a teenager, but the combination of Rodriguez’s talent and beauty made her irresistible. Added to that was the title of being the daughter of José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’. With such a famous father and a Cuban mother who made a successful career in modeling, the young woman was one of the princesses of Miami.

“But I needed to find out who I was for myself. See if I had real talent and not just because of who my dad is,” she said.

The princess of Miami is going to Hollywood

In 2010, Génesis Rodríguez packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles. As a good daughter of Latinos, her parents accompanied her in the process. With a wrinkled heart, but willing to support her, El Puma and her wife, Carolina, went with her to look for her apartment and buy what she needed.

“I was able to leave Miami thanks to my mom, who has faith in me greater than any of my dreams,” Rodriguez said.

Armed with the wings that her mother gave her and the tenacity of her father, the artist has managed to appear in 14 films and nine series. He has starred in several, including the films ‘My Father’s House’ with the king of comedy Will Ferrell, ‘Identity Thief’ with Jason Bateman (Ozark) and Melissa McCarthy, and ‘Big Hero 6’, where he played to the sweet Honey Lemon. She also participated in series such as ‘Entourage’, ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘The Fugitive’.

Genesis Rodriguez on the red carpet of the Disney movie 'Big Hero 6', in which she gave the voice to Honey Lemon

Genesis Rodriguez on the red carpet for the Disney movie ‘Big Hero 6’, in which she gave the voice to Honey Lemon (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

When she thinks about her achievements in Hollywood, she feels satisfied, since the variety of her roles and her predilection for independent films accompany what she considers her life mission “to eliminate all stereotypes about Latinos in the United States.” It’s something that wasn’t part of her life in Miami, but hit her hard when she began to explore the world of entertainment in English. “You have to keep changing things,” she said.

The stubbornness of the Puma

In 2019 the health of José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’ began to worsen. Genesis Rodríguez came to think that he had little time to live. “I told my managers I wasn’t going to work because I wanted to be with my dad,” he recalled. The Puma was in the last stage of pulmonary fibromatosis, for which the only cure is a transplant.

“What happened with him strengthened my faith,” he said.

In December of that year, the Rodríguez family received the call for the second time that a donor compatible with the Venezuelan artist had been found. The first time the process did not materialize. On that second opportunity, barely six hours passed between the call being made and the moment El Puma was in the operating room to undergo a double lung transplant.

“The doctor had told us that my dad would spend some time in a coma, but my dad has defied everything. Intubated and in pain, what bothered him the most was that he couldn’t speak. He recovered in record time and I still sometimes can’t believe how it is,” he admitted. When he saw him singing for the first time after the intervention, he felt that “it was a surreal experience. In just over a year I went from preparing to say goodbye to him to seeing him on stage.”

Her father’s determination and “stubbornness” have kept her struggling to make her way in Hollywood. That certainty that she will continue to be considered one of the successful Latin actresses in English-language productions is the voice of her mother Carolina de ella. “I owe her everything,” she said.

An emotional sparrow

The most important role that Génesis Rodríguez has had in this era of streaming is that of Sloan Hargreeves, the superheroine that controls gravity in ‘The Umbrella Academy’. Her character is stolen this third season, despite the weight of the transition from Eliott Page.

As Sloan, the number five of the Gorriones team, Génesis Rodríguez dances, fights, falls in love and gives her heart, thus making the entire audience fall in love. It has not yet been confirmed that there is one more season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’, but if so, it is impossible to think that she will not return. Even more, that this character is not a watershed for the career of this actress.

Of course, he assured that if along the way they offer him a “great character for a production in Spanish, even a soap opera, he would be happy to return.” Fans who know her since her early days would be very happy for her.


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