Genesis Rodríguez, daughter of “Puma” Rodríguez, teaches us what the color of autumn is with an artistic photo session

José “El Puma” Rodríguez is undoubtedly one of the best singer-songwriters in Latin America. Hits like “I have the right to be happy”, “Owner of you, owner of what, owner of nothing” or “Guilty I am” became true musical successes, and they allowed him to win the affection and recognition of his audience. .

But his private life has also become a target of the press, and journalists absolutely want to know everything about “The Puma“, and about the members of his family, such as his daughter Genesis Rodríguez.

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Recently, Génesis Rodríguez fell in love with all her Instagram followers by sharing a photo session she recently did. In it, the daughter of “El Puma” Rodriguez It shows us which colors will be used the most in the coming fall.

Photo: Genesis Rodriguez. Source: Instagram @elizabethmua

The photo shoot you did Genesis Rodriguez was carried out by the photographer Elizabeth Mua. The color that will be used the most this fall will be green, in any of its variants, but Genesis chose to wear a super vibrant and striking green.

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Photo: Genesis Rodriguez. Source: Instagram @elizabethmua

The green color is spectacular with tanned skin (as it looks in the photographs Genesis Rodriguez), so we recommend taking care of the tan you have achieved during the summer with a self-tanner and a moisturizing cream so as not to lose the color.

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