Genesis Rodríguez: “I don’t want to cry so much”

The arrival of Genesis Rodríguez to the popular Netflix series, The Umbrella Academyhas been received positively by the fans of the program, a reaction that keeps the Venezuelan actress relieved, but above all, excited.

Rodriguez plays the character of Sloane Hargreeves on the third season of the science fiction drama, which premiered on June 22 on the streaming service.

“Thank God the fans love sloane and it gives me great joy because I love sloane And I didn’t expect them to love her so much. So, thanks to all the fans, you make my day when you send me those compliments from sloanesaid the artist in an interview via Zoom with Primera Hora.

On the reception by the cast, led by actor Elliot Page (Victor Hargreeves), indicated that it was excellent.

“I was a little afraid to enter this season because of how they were going to receive me, they already had two seasons, but they received me with open arms and the truth is that they are a family.. I made a lifelong friendship with Elliot (Page), with Emmy (Raver), with Justin (Min), with David (Castañeda), Tom (Hopper), I really love them and I think I made friends for the rest of my life. life,” he said.

I really thank God that people liked it sloane and Latin people feel represented by another Latin face in that show”.

Genesis Rodriguez, actress

For her character, who has the super power to manipulate gravity, allowing herself and others to fly, Genesis prepared with exercise and dance classes.

“I had to do two hours of daily exercises, one was fight coordination and the other was just muscle, lifting weights and that sort of thing. I also had to do dance training because there is a bit of dancing in the series. It was difficult because the rehearsals were by computer, zoomso I was trying those steps and that kind of choreography by zoom”, he explained.

The recording of the third season took place last year in Canada and lasted almost 10 months. Because the production was in the midst of the pandemic, the COVID protocol was quite strict and the actors could only socialize with each other and with members of the cast. staff. “The truth was difficult because I spent almost a year without seeing my family and friends,” she recalled.

I would go back to the novels, but…

Despite stating that “There is a before and after Netflix”the actress, who in the past starred in soap operas give me chocolate Y Miss Barbaradoes not rule out acting again in a soap opera.

“I never say no to soap operas because I love soap operas. I honestly believe that soap operas have the best fans in the world and I really love the genre. I never say no. I am open, but what I do is that I do not want to cry so much, I want to be someone but very bad, a villain”, he confessed between laughs. “She has never touched me as a villain, I miss her, she touches me,” she added.

Approved by “El Puma”

Daughter of the popular singer and actor José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, the actress told us that her father has enjoyed the third season.

“The Puma The series has already been seen twice. From the beginning to the last chapter. he likes how to tell me ‘in this episode i like this scene you did’ and he gives me all the details… I love that my dad enjoys this because he has supported me so much in the race and has supported me so much in my dreams, my two parents, that I thank God because I could not have done what I have achieved without their support. So I feel that they are very proud and that gives me a lot of peace of mind and happiness”.

Fourth season?

about the future of The Umbrella Academyof which Netflix has not announced when the fourth season, Genesis could only tell us: “I can’t confirm anything, but she -Sloane- is alive”.

During the next few months, the artist, who stated that “thanks to this exposure on Netflix there is already a lot of movement in the race”, hopes to participate in a comic convention. “If there is a convention I will surely be there. I love being able to meet the fans, it’s so much fun for me, seeing people dress up, I love it”.

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