Genesis Rodríguez was about to take his own life due to the abuse scandal he suffered in 2004, according to his father ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez

The Cuban-Venezuelan actress, Genesis Rodriguez, He almost committed suicide when the sexual abuse scandal by actor Mauricio Islas exploded when they were recording the telenovela ‘Prisionera’ in 2004. The meeting was in a context where the last daughter of the singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez He was 18, and the Mexican actor was 31, where the latter accepted that there was intimacy, but always with consent.

The Venezuelan, upon learning what had happened, denounced the actor and was detained for a few days. He was able to get out by paying bail of thousands of dollars and when they went to trial, Islas ended up being declared innocent and free of any charges.

The Puma returns to Mexico |  Mezcaliente

In interview with Yordi Rosado, has been the Venezuelan artist who detailed all the details of what happened. He had a hard time getting out of that today. People don’t know, but she almost lost her life, there was an attempt to leave the body, she was devastated, “he said.

“When you open the part of your house to someone who changed their clothes to go somewhere… the betrayal comes from the closest part, it has to be with you. That has already happened, we forgive, but it is so difficult to forgive, ”she stressed. She assured that she admires her daughter because despite what had happened, she finished filming the novel when everyone thought she was going to quit. “That made me admire her a lot, what courage, how the girl was inside and she finished the soap opera she was doing after she completely collapsed,” she said.

Jose Luis Rodriguez, 'El Puma'

And although it has not been easy, he assured that his little girl is succeeding in Hollywood with different projects such as Umbrella Academy.

‘El Puma’ Rodríguez and his relationship with Vicente Fernández

In his speech, he assured that he had very happy moments with the Mexican regional music singer, Vicente Fernandez. “A spectacular man, an immense spirit. We did a tour of the United States, Vicente put on a very strong show, he just filled everything. We were Manuel, the polivoces, Angelica María, a bunch of people and Vicente sang for about two and a half hours and the next day, in the morning, he was singing on the bus with an impressive voice. Vicente had a spectacular sense of humor, ”explained the Venezuelan.

He also said that the last time he saw him was at the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ ranch, in Guadalajara. “There in Guadalajara he received us with great affection, I was in the Federal District, but I went especially to Guadalajara to greet him because they are those things in which one does not know when the last time you will see someone will be,” he indicated. .

Vicente Fernandez, Mexican singer

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