George Clooney and the background on the farewell with Elisabetta Canalis: “You don’t know her, she is …”


Everyone will remember one of the most important love stories in the world of VIPs, the one between Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney. Here are the real reasons for the farewell.

Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney – meteoweek

The Italian public has known and learned to appreciate the talent and beauty of the Sardinian Elisabetta Canalis, when together with Maddalena Corvaglia, back in 2002 were the showgirls of Strip the News. The couple of the blonde and the brunette, on the counter of the satirical news of Antonio Ricci, they made history and were the most successful duo of showgirls on the program.

After taking flight a Strip the News, the Sardinian showgirl, praised for Mediterranean beauty and physical prowess, has entered the list of the most fascinating Italian women in the world of entertainment.

Courted the Canalis, in the past, it has been able to break through the heart of the most important Latin lover of the world, as well as one of the most fascinating men on the planet, George Clooney. Their love story in 2009 had a bath of consensus until, however, the love story ended.

What were the reasons for the goodbye between the two ex-boyfriends? Let’s find out the truth together.

Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney: the real reason for the farewell

After two years of engagement, the couple formed by Elisabetta Canalis and the Hollywood actor George Clooney ended in 2011. Despite ten years have passed, the public still knows well the reasons that brought the word to an end to their relationship.

Clooney and Canalis – meteoweek

At the time the news of the end of history Canalis – Clooney it arrived with a statement from London in which only the conclusion was given, without too many explanations and no clarifications. In that statement, the couple explained only that the reasons for the breakup were strictly personal and asked for maximum confidentiality and maximum privacy.

Unofficial news, to date, informs that, according to the rumors the problem between the two had been the irreconcilability of the two worlds of origin: apparently it seems that Elizabeth did not feel very comfortable in the Hollywood environment frequented by Clooney.


Another big obstacle in the ex couple seems to have been the strong age difference, given that the Canalis at the time of their relationship she was barely thirty-two while the charming Clooney he was fifty years old.

The sweet memories of Canalis and Clooney

The only time the Elisabetta Canalis was unbalanced on this story from the past was when she was interviewed by Bruno Vespa, pointing out his affection and esteem for the ex Clooney but defining it as a sort of love between father and daughter.

Clooney and Canalis – meteoweek

Also George Clooney spoke about his ex in 2013 by telling a sweet memory he has of Canalis. He said: “You don’t know her, she’s the woman who made me laugh the most ever”.

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Today the lives of the two stars have taken different paths and they carry on their lives happily, separately. Certainly it is Elizabeth that George they are carried in their hearts and are remembered with esteem.


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