Georgina his upset wife, the photo that worries!

It’s been three weeks since Georgina, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, lost her baby during childbirth. The star still looks upset and a photo has fans worried.

It is a tragedy that has devastated the family of Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina Rodriguez got pregnant with twins and couldn’t wait to meet her two children. However, on April 18, the star and her husband announced terrible news. Their baby boy died after giving birth and left a big hole in the parents’ hearts.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend devastated

Cristiano Ronaldo dead

This is the most intense pain that parents can feel, wrote Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram. The football star posted a few days later with his baby girl in his arms, which caused an outpouring of emotion. For her part, Georgina was more discreet.

If the little girl is in very good health, Georgina Rodriguez is struggling to recover from the sudden death of her baby. Three weeks after giving birth, the influencer went on vacation with Cristiano to rest and get away from it all. Nevertheless, in the midst of her grief, she seems tired and withdrawn.

Georgina Rodriguez sad on vacation

Despite this huge loss, Cristiano Ronaldo is doing his best to keep busy and thus resumed his exploits on the football pitch. Nevertheless, the sportsman has given his wife a nice romantic vacation and seems to be taking care of Georgina. On Wednesday, May 11, the 37-year-old posed with his wife on a boat.

He appears shirtless and smiling, but Georgina Rodriguez is more discreet on the picture. The model wears sunglasses and offers a discreet smile to the camera. She is still very close to her husband, who is a great support in these difficult times.

Georgina Rodriguez is not in her best shape and will need time to recover from such a tragedy. If she is surely very tired after childbirth and the arrival of her little girl, the star can count on the love of her fans. Many have sent him messages of support.

Cristiano Ronaldo would accept a significant pay cut to leave Old Trafford

The Portuguese wants to start a new life outside Manchester with his family after the loss of his son.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future is a question mark. The Portuguese had doubts over his continuity at Old Trafford with the arrival of Erik Ten Hag, in fact he scheduled a meeting with the manager to make a decision on his future.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Dutchman initially opened the door for the Portuguese to leave but now he seems to have had a change of heart and would like his continuity.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one with the most doubts at the moment, as he positively assesses the possibility of starting a new cycle outside England and would be ready to cut his salary by 40% to leave.

The Portuguese is going through one of the most complicated moments of his life. He recently lost one of the children he was expecting with Georgina Rodriguez and it would have been a turning point for the player, who would consider changing his life.

After this blow, the family would be interested in starting from scratch in a new place and this, added to the complicated season that signed Manchester United, make Cristiano Ronaldo worth as a better idea an exit.

The Red Devils failed to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League and that will affect the forward’s salary, although money isn’t the main reason he wants to leave.

Apart from starting a new cycle with his family, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play for a team that has the opportunity to compete in the Champions League, as next season could be his last, at least in Europe.

With all this, the Portuguese has already made a decision and communicated to Jorge Mendes the need to find a new destination. The player is said to be ready to accept a major reduction in his salary which would mean a reduction of up to 40% of his current salary.

In this way, he hopes not to have many complications when looking for a new destination. In recent weeks, his potential return to Real Madrid has been heavily rumored but Mbappé’s arrival would make it virtually impossible.

Cristiano Ronaldo family

Paris Saint-Germain are the other team best placed to sign him. Al-Khelaïfi needs to clean up his squad and, with Mbappé more than likely leaving, he is looking for a quality goal-scoring replacement.

Cristiano Ronaldo is considering the possibility of landing at Parc des Princes as he would report to Zinedine Zidane, who he has a good relationship with after his time at Real Madrid.

The Portuguese is determined to start a new life and is looking forward to adding another league title to his record. If he arrives at PSG, he will have played in four of the five biggest European championships.

The hint of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister

The Portuguese’s future seems to be moving further and further away from Manchester United. While his results weren’t bad, he didn’t have his best competitive season either.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This added to the unease for the team meant an exit window for the player. The family is determined to get out of town and a like from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister could be the definitive proof that pushes the announcement forward.

Katia Aveiro left a like on an Instagram post from one of her brother’s fan accounts. By this gesture, she made it clear that she supported the words written by the user next to the photograph.

Cristiano doesn’t need to stay as proof of his love for the club. The greatest proof of love was returning to United having a City offer that was much higher for the team, for the coach, the profile owner wrote in the post, words that were backed up by Katya.

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez believe the best thing for the family right now is to leave town and start a new cycle outside of Manchester.

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