Georgina Rodriguez, about her latest project: “I feel powerful”

Georgina Rodriguez He sweeps wherever he goes and his arrival in Saudi Arabia, the country where he lives with the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo And her five children, it couldn’t be any different. The Spanish-Argentine has become one of the most famous personalities in the country and therefore an attraction for local companies.

Recently the businesswoman became the image of a luxury perfume brand Vern, The ‘Miss Laverne’ fragrance, in particular, is created with the intention that its owners will “steal the attention of everyone around you and have them talking about you.”

Georgina She is the heroine of an advertising spot that has stunned the world and made Saudi Arabia fall in love with her. In the snapshot, the model introduces herself in Arabic and claims she feels “very safe in this country.” “I really like their family values,” he explains.

“I felt so happy to connect with heaven and earth, the magic and power that exists in the Saudi desert is incredible. It gives me peace, I feel powerful and helps me find strength. I love this intense and powerful smell Is.” , tell about your own fragrance.

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