Georgina Rodríguez did not even turn to see CR7 in her presentationHalftime

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He may be the highest paid footballer in history, but it is clear that his wife is not very happy. The presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo with Al Nassr was lavish and spectacular, a packed stadium welcomed its new hero, but among what has attracted the most attention is the cold and distant attitude of Georgina Rodríguez with CR7.

A Christian everyone gave him an ovation, from the journalists at his first press conference to the supporters of the al nassr, who at times did not let the Portuguese speak because of the noise with which they chanted his name. He was very happy, with a thank you speech and describing himself as a “single player with a single contract”, but the one who practically never smiled was Georgina.

What happens between Georgina and Cristiano?

Only on Monday did versions emerge that CR7 and Geo Rodríguez are going through a couple crisis. even on the tv show socialite -the same one who uncovered a compromising video of Gerard Piqué- assured that “the couple is together only for interest”citing Cristiano’s family environment for such an assertion.

This is how Georgina behaved with CR7 at Al Nassr

Almost at the end of the presentation of the Portuguese soccer player, his family was invited to join the podium set up in the center of the field. All the children of the Commander wore the Al Nassr shirt and the model was leading two of them by the hand.

Once they met on stage, CR7 and Georgina gave each other a cold hug. In fact, she didn’t even touch it because he preferred not to let go of his little ones, neither was there a kiss on the cheek or a meeting of glances. This has been taken as “proof” that things between the two are not at their best.

How much are they going to pay CR7?

Perhaps she will “pass her courage” as soon as she remembers that Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player in history. The Lusitanian legend will be paid a whopping 200 million euros per year, which is equivalent to more than 4 billion Mexican pesos. If we consider that the player signed for two and a half years with Al Nassr, that translates into 500 million euros in that period of time.

How much does Ronaldo earn per month?

If we break down the money he will receive on his adventure in Arabia, the figures sound even more scandalous. El Bicho will earn 16.66 million euros per month, which means a little more than 340 million Mexican pesos. And to make it even more striking, the Portuguese will receive the equivalent of more than 10 million pesos a day in Al Nassr.

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