Georgina Rodríguez drops robe and falls in love with fans with a swimsuit

In one of the scenes of her successful series, Georgina Rodríguez managed to raise the temperature of all her admirers around the world by appearing before the cameras in a moment of relaxation in the pool, which was an excellent opportunity to show off her curves and her very good physical condition.

During the video clip, the model is seen entering the room where the pool is located. One of the frontal shots captured her spectacular walk down the entrance hall, during the journey the 28-year-old dropped her white bathrobe, walking the path from her shoulders to her ankles in a few seconds, which were enough to make her fall in love. the fans.

The clip was posted by one of the many fan accounts that collect the most memorable moments from Gio Gioas the soccer player’s wife is affectionately nicknamed Cristiano Ronaldo. The edition of small fragments belongs to the series ‘I am Georgina’, which is an exhaustive portrait made by the Netflix entertainment platform about her daily life.

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Georgina Rodríguez drops a robe and falls in love with fans with a swimsuit. Source: Instagram

Click here to see the video.

This video was a complete success for the fan page, as the model and mother modeled a swimsuit that on this occasion consisted of two white pieces with green palm leaf print halter style, which she covered at times with the gown white that soon disappeared.

Today, a year after being shot, Georgina Rodriguez her figure remains intact, even after giving birth twice. This has not been free, as she is seen in constant motion, either with gym workouts or swimming sessions in the sea.

On the other hand, the businesswoman proves to be a self-confident woman, because she is not afraid to show the passage of time through her skin, accepting the normal characteristics that can be had after pregnancy and embracing her body with love, as naturally all society must accept this fact.

The reception of the publication was evident in the number of comments made by his fans, mainly directed at the physique of Georgina Rodriguez, which highlighted her beauty vehemently. In addition, of course, the hundreds of reactions made by the internet community from all over the world and in all languages.

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