Georgina Rodriguez exercises at home without jumping to get glutes of steel

Georgina Rodriguez She is one of the most beautiful celebrities because she has a great figure at the age of 29 after the birth of three children. The wife of Cristiano Ronaldo showed through her social networks Exercise without jumps that he does for perfect buttocks and steel.

This exercise is ideal for Strengthen gluteal muscles and tone legs without much effort. The best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home and you won’t need much time to get the perfect butt like Georgina Rodríguez.

What exercise does Georgina Rodriguez do to get bigger buttocks?

Businesswoman Georgina Rodríguez is known for her great figure, as she has an incredible silhouette, thanks to the fact that she has always done sports and practiced ballet. He usually shares his exercise routine in his social networks And one of these activities is perfect to increase the buttocks in a short period of time.

He The exercise that Georgina Rodríguez does having perfect buttocks is with resistance league, To do this you just have to put a band on your knees and get into a sitting position, Later, take small steps left, right and backwhile going down a bit to do mini squats.

Georgina Rodriguez Exercise
Georgina Rodriguez does this exercise to enhance the buttocks. Photo: Instagram @georginageo

Why does this exercise work for the glutes?

This gluteal exercise is extremely effective because it The muscles of the legs and buttocks work, which will tone you up and show off your perfect butt like Georgina Rodríguez. Plus, resistance bands will force you to use more force so results are faster.

georgina rodriguez instagram
Georgina Rodriguez. Photo: Instagram @georginagio

Who can do this exercise?

the best of these exercises are such that they are without jumpsis sleeping Ideal for those who have joint problems And they don’t want to do exercises that hurt their knees or ankles. However, it is important that you consult your doctor before attempting this activity so that he or she can tell you if it is right for you.

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