Georgina Rodriguez releases an unexpected revelation “Cristiano Ronaldo likes that…”

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are together since December 2016 according to the press. And as the public knows, they are also at the head of a large family. But impossible to know everything about the private life of such a star of international football. With the help of the one who shares her life and her Netflix documentary, we will still learn a little more.

Soy Georgina is indeed worth a visit for fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. For those who also want to know his daily life, as much as my details of his sporting exploits. Indeed, the life of Georgina Rodriguez changes completely when she meets the footballer.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, the couple fascinates the crowds

Soon 6 years that lovers are installed on their little cloud. And they manage to stay there, hand in hand, despite the adversity and the trials that life throws their way. Objeko think in particular of the accusations that weighed on Cristiano Ronaldo. This case could indeed have convinced Georgina Rodriguez to pack her bags.

the Kathryn Mayorga filed a complaint against the player, stating that he had abused her at a party in Las Vegas, the

the a daughter named Alana. Cristiano Ronaldo’s fourth child. Then, on April 18, 2022, the couple announced the birth of their daughter and the death of their little boy. Bella Esmeralda enlarges family ranks.

But apart from these details, made public by the couple, little private information circulates on Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. So this is where the netflix documentary intervenes to offer new elements to the readers ofObjeko.

A moving testimony, an unmissable documentary

“Many know my name, few know who I am. »declares Georgina Rodriguez to start the documentary on her story, Soy Georgina. And what a story! Indeed, the one who shares the life of Cristiano Ronaldo lives in a fairy tale when she begins to attend the footballer.

As she says herself, she goes to work by bus and comes home in a Bugatti. Georgina Rodriguez then describes Cristiano Ronaldo as her “handsome prince”like a man ” marvellous “. And she even admits having had a thunderbolt for him.

I started feeling tickles in my stomach, I didn’t even want to look at it, I was ashamed. », she said. Fortunately, Georgina Rodriguez was able to make him understand his feelings since a beautiful love story then started. Later, she also recounts the first time they held hands and how familiar that gesture seemed. Their story was quickly becoming obvious.

Devoted to her partner and her family, Georgina Rodriguez knows what it’s like to have nothing and own everything. She is aware that she is living a dream and that love has given it to her. Objeko grant it to you, this should move a good part of our readers…

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