Georgina Rodriguez shows off the most natural version of herself with an image of her relaxing at the hairdresser

We know that ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ are not always as perfect as the publications they share on social networks. In fact, many of them have decided to show the reality that lies behind the most impressive outfits, the most attractive makeup and various dream plans. Georgina Rodriguez She is one of those famous people who leaves us speechless every time she flaunts her luxury life, but she has also taken it upon herself to teach us This is the funniest and most real side.

Although she wears the most exclusive jewelery and has surprised us with her huge collection of bags and shoes, the ‘influencer’ made it clear to us this summer that she also lives those moments with which one can feel oneself. Can and has shared a video with his followers. In which he fell into the sea while fighting the waves. The Jaika incident has once again immortalized a situation that we have all experienced: Relax at the barber’s.

Georgina Rodriguez


Georgina has traveled to Spain for a few days with her family and showed it off in a compilation of images on a plane with her five children and Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend. With his latest image he confirms that he has taken advantage of his time in the Spanish capital To go to the hairdresser and your trusted nail salon.

As we can see in the image, Jio is seen sitting on a chair while her hair is being washed and the most surprising thing is that she too She was getting her manicure done at the same time. almost nothing! For the relaxed occasion, the ‘influencer’ chose a casual outfit consisting of a black mini dress and wore some fur sandals that look very tasteful. After seeing this snapshot, we have to admit that we’re going to make an appointment at the hair salon to get as much or even more relaxation as Georgina.

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