Gerard Piqué faces a list of infidelities and these are 5 that have been talked about so far

Shakira and Gerard Pique.

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Oh controversy has starred Gerard Piqué after his separation from the singer Shakira for alleged infidelity was announced. However, since the end of their relationship was announced, several women with whom the Spanish soccer player would have had an affair behind the Colombian’s back have come to light. Here we tell you the details!

Just a few hours after confirming the couple’s separation, the initials of one of the girls with whom the football star would have had a relationship came to light.

1. The mysterious CM

It is a anonymous 22-year-old girl who would respond to the initials “CM”who would be a student, waitress, event hostess and, apparently, the cause of the divorce between the couple.

Yes ok The young woman was singled out for allegedly “destroying the home” of Shakira and Piqué, already came out to give his version of the facts. Within his story, she assured that she does not know Gerard; as a result, she has never been in a relationship with him.

2. CC, the culprit of the breakup?

On the other hand, a renowned Spanish program aimed at another girl who would be the one who would have been with Piqué. “She is a very normal, beautiful, fine, Catalan girl, who has worked at the La Traviesa store, but she has not worked there since February,” they say about the woman whose initials would be ‘C.C’.

3. Suzy Cortes

The influencer is also added to this list Suzy Cortés, who has not been shy about telling how it is that “Piqué wanted to send me a jet to meet me” in an exchange of messages that has gained relevance in recent days.

In an interview with the media “La Razón”, Cortés revealed that Gerard Piqué would have insisted on meeting her by writing to her from his official Instagram by DM: “The messages he sent me were very strong, risqué, and I did not want that approach,” he said.

“I think it’s absurd that he sends me a message asking the size of my butt and asking to see special photos of me. He sent me nudes but I didn’t open them. She even offered me a jet to pick me up from London. I find that disrespectful to his wife and his family,” he added.

4. Nuria Tomas

Inside the tangle of rumors and accusations against Piqué, the only one in love with the soccer player was Núria Tomás. Although not during his relationship with Shakira, but a year and a half before he fell in love with the interpreter of “La Tortura”.

“I have spoken with Gerard many times, what a pity that your worst moment coincided with my best moment. I am eternally grateful to him, because he helped me get up and get out of where he was, ”she shared with the medium ‘El Español’.

5. Gema, the mother of Pablo Gavi

Another woman related to Gerard was Gema, the mother of his partner Pablo Gavi. And it was not long before a tweet about his alleged affair went viral on social networks. It read:

“Shakira captured Gerard Piqué having an affair with another woman. That woman turned out to be the mother of young Barcelona star Pablo Gavi. Gavi is not aware of the incident, ”she told herself in the fake news that she has already denied.

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