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Obviously Shakira in Saint-Ouen, it seems possible.

For several weeks and the announcement of the takeover of the club by the investment fund 777 Partners, the Red Star Bauer collective has been chaining actions to oppose future buyers. Between the open letters, the smoke bombs against Sète or the classified ad in Le Parisien, the supporters once again proclaim their wish in a video published on social networks through several messages such as “Red Star is not a commodity” Where “777 not Welcome” .

A video that challenged FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué, who reposted the announcement of the Red Star Bauer collective on his Twitter account. Followed by more than 20 million subscribers, the Spanish player largely contributed to the scale of the video which generated 150,000 views. The Kosmos boss is still monitoring the club’s situation, since the sale has not been formalized and the actions of the Red Star ultras could convince Patrice Haddad not to let 777 Partners buy the institution.

One of the representatives of the collective was even favorable to the arrival of other buyers: “Gerard Pique expressed interest in public and two credible and well-known people contacted us privately following our announcement. We don’t have to take sides with this or that buyer, but one thing is certain, we don’t want 777 Partners. »

Just a wish, that Pique is not player-president.

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