Gerard Piqué surprised in the company of a mysterious blonde… a snapshot revealed

While it is rumored that Gerard Pique would have cheated on Shakira, the footballer was recently surprised alongside a mysterious blonde… A cliché revealed on the canvas… out of revenge! We tell you everything!

The love story between Shakira and Gerard Pique is now combined with the past. The singer and the footballer recently announced their split. “We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding, ”they confided a few days ago.

This cliché that panics the web…

Thus, the two exes did not reveal the reasons for their breakup... But these are known to all. Indeed, Gerard Piqué would have deceived the Colombian singer… Who is his mysterious mistress ? Mystery… But while he was in Sweden a few days ago, Shakira’s ex was seen alongside a mysterious blonde.

A snapshot of the footballer and the young woman in question was unveiled on the web by an influencer, who is also a TV presenter, named Katrin Zytomierska.


The latter shared the said snapshot for revenge on footballer. the DailyMail reports the words of the influencer to journalists Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa:

I asked him if he could say ‘hello’ to my son and he said ‘no’. A little surprised, I asked him again and his answer was the same.

And to add:

He wasn’t rude, but he was a bit arrogant. I guess it’s because he’s a footballer and famous… but I hadn’t met him until then. Then I took the photo to post it on my Instagram.

Who is this mysterious blonde?

A snapshot that was taken while Gerard Pique was at Brilliant Minds party. Who is the young woman alongside the footballer? Katrin Zytomierska admits not knowing it! So the mystery remains…

According to photographer Jordi Martín, the alleged mistress of the footballer would be 22 years old and would be “a hostess in a nightclub that Pique frequents a lot”. Was it the young lady who was that day at his side? To be continued…

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