Gerard Piqué would have been annoyed by the repeated questions about Shakira

Despite the fact that Gerard Piqué tried to show himself “calm”, after the premiere of the song by Shakira, everything would have taken a new turn in the controversy. She got uncomfortable.

From laughter to discomfort

Now Gerard Piqué would be getting upset when they mention Shakira’s new song. | Font: Diffusion

Apparently now Gerard Piqué doesn’t like jokes anymore, related to the new song by Shakira, since this was evidenced in a recent live broadcast by the Kings League. The ex-soccer player showed discomfort, when DJ Mario asked him something in particular.

Clara Chía Martí would be very affected, after Shakira's song was released:

What happened to Gerard Piqué?

The controversy between Gerard Piqué and Shakira It still remains latent, but this time the discomfort of the ex-soccer player was already evident, in a last transmission of the Kings League. The discomfort was evident when the ex-soccer player was asked once about the Colombian’s new song.

It was the youtuber DJ Mario, who asked Gerard Piqué about his favorite Bizarrap ‘session’, the Argentine producer who recently collaborated with his ex-partner Shakira. “I have a question for Piqué, what is your favorite Bizarrap session?”was the particular unknown that they made to the Spanish.

That was how Gerard Piqué was obviously annoyed; however, he assured that he does not know how many collaborations Bizarrap currently has. “I don’t really know the numbers, I have no idea. I would tell you, but I don’t know, the most recent ”, detailed.

Although later a colleague of Gerard Piqué added as a joke: “One that sounds familiar to you that you have heard”, hence The Spaniard at the insistence only formed a forced smile and expressed: “The most recent.”

As recalled, Gerard Piqué had previously mentioned in another live broadcast that he would now work with the Casio brand, shortly after Shakira released his song. “I announce that Casio has given us watches and we have an agreement with Casio, the Kings League has reached an agreement with Casio”, said the ex-soccer player pointing to the watch he wore on his wrist.

How did Clara Chía Martí react to Shakira’s song?

According to the close circle of Clara Chía Martí, the sentimental partner of Gerard Piqué, has decided to take refuge in his home and thus avoid the flood of questions. It should be noted that the magazine Weekalso commented about the young woman, about what would be happening now:

“Clara Chía is hurt. Not only because of what Shakira says in this song, which is already viral, but also because of all the memes and the sarcasm with which each stanza has been analyzed, especially on social networks.”

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