Germán Berterame’s first choice at the end of the contract with Atlético San Luis

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The America club is one day away from facing the departure of the Quarterfinals of Clausura 2022an instance where lately it has been eliminated due to mismanagement of games of Santiago Solari and before Michael Herrera. Now Fernando Ortiz has the opportunity to break the losing streak and in the process give new arguments to keep his position in Coapa. However, as has been mentioned for a long time, the interests of the directive for possible reinforcements are already there, and one of the names of sounded to join the bluecream was the one from German Berterame.

For the Eagles It is urgent to have a center forward who is truly a goal guarantee, such as the attacker of the Athletic Saint Louis, German Berteramewho is followed by different clubs in the MX Leaguebut according to the column by David Medrano, a journalist from Aztec TVthe striker’s main objective is to jump to the Old continent despite being very close to 30 years of age.

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The urgency of a striker at Club América

Federico Vinas and Henry Martinez they still do not show that they deserve a place in the highest institution of the Mexican Soccer. This has cost effectiveness to those of Coapawho have missed great opportunities because these attackers constantly fail, were it not for the individualities of Diego Valdes and Alvaro Fidalgothe America he would not have scored as many goals as he did at the close of the regular season.

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