get 2TB of cloud storage for the whole family with a 75% discount


To celebrate the International Day of Families in a big way, pCloud offers us a plan with 2TB of cloud storage to share between 5 people for less than 400 euros.

cloud storage has become a need for anyone who has a mobile phone or a computer regardless of age, profession or studies. And it is that with the amount of elements that we store daily in our devices, sooner or later we will finish running out of space and we’ll have to start deleting applications, files or any element that helps us free up some space, which becomes a real headache. Without forgetting that by not having a backup we run the risk of completely losing important filesin case our device suffers some damage or is damaged beyond repair.

For store, sync and share files We have endless solutions in the cloud, but this time we want you to know and take advantage of this great offer that pCloud has for you and your whole family. To celebrate the International Day of Families, pCloud has launched a special offer with a 75% discount and that it offers us 2TB of storage in the cloud to share between 5 people. You can buy it with a single payment of 350 euros and enjoy all its benefits forever, a significant difference with its real price, which is around 1,500 euros.


2TB of cloud storage for the whole family and for life for only 350 euros.

Buy pCloud: cloud storage for the whole family

As we have mentioned before, pCloud is a very good alternative to other cloud storage services, since it allows us to enjoy a permanent and family plan after a single payment of 350 euros. This family plan offers us 2TB of cloud space for lifewhich we can share with up to 5 family members (including you), each one with its user and with your own private storage, it is also possible to manage storage and share more space, or less space, according to the need of each user.

2TB of storage

2TB of storage, automatic synchronization on multiple devices, shared folders, encrypted files and more.

It is a plan that offers a wide range of benefits such as: automatic synchronization on multiple devices, shared folders, file encryption and 256-bit AES encryption that protects all your data during and after the transfer. But if you still need more security, pCloud has a TLS / SSL protocol, which is activated when transferring files to pCloud servers, without forgetting the 5 backup copies of your filesstored in at least 3 different locations on highly secure servers.

This offer also includes 30 days of recycle bin history. It is a tool that allows you recover old versions of your files and unlike the free version that only keeps them for 15 days, the family plan allows all users to keep files for up to 30 days in the trash. The best of all, as we have already mentioned, is that this family plan can be yours for a single payment of 350 euros and for life.

In summary, it is a great opportunity to acquire cloud storage and that you can share it with the whole family, but not only that, another important feature is that you can have separate users so that there are no messes with the files and that access is easier. Not forgetting the safety and efficiency that we can find in the operation of this cloud storage platform.

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