Get a natural makeup with this TikTok trick

Wearing makeup that gives us a more natural appearance does not mean that it is easier to achieve. Of course, we will achieve a simpler look, ideal to wear in your day to day but also perfectly valid for any occasion. There are thousands of techniques that have emerged to achieve this more natural lookthat gives us a fresh look, easy to maintain and that, in addition, is easier to maintain than makeup with several layers.

The latest and most viral has been the technique that uses mary phillipsthe make-up artist for such influential celebrities in the image world as hailey bieber either kendall jenner. And it is that the tiktoker Tara Sigari (@tarasigari) Specializing in makeup, she has posted a video explaining the possible methodology that Phillips uses in her routines. A technique that she has later ended up confirming herself in the face of the great viral reach that this trick has had on TikTok.


That “the order of the factors does not alter the product” is something that we cannot apply in the world of makeup… Or maybe we can? The new method proposed by the star makeup artist is to place last foundation, in such a way that we ensure good coverage with less amount of product. Let’s see what it consists of:

1. With the skin of the face very clean, we begin to apply the outline to enhance the features of our face. Mary Phillips uses a cream contour to define cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline with the help of a brush.

2. Next, you have to apply concealer, also with the help of a brush. This step will be done mainly on dark circles, nose and lips to get light in the area while we hide imperfections such as bags, dark circles. In addition, this step helps to continue defining the features of the face.

3. Finally, Mary Phillips use foundation taking a small amount with a thick brush and spreading it over the face with circular movements. Thus, good blending and color uniformity will be achieved, covering imperfections in a very superficial way.

Using foundation last gives a less artificial finish

With these steps, the technique is ready, although each person can adapt it to their needs. For example, you can emphasize more on the eyelids or delimiting your chin. In any case, you can now complete this makeup routine with a mascara and lipstick in all ‘nude’ to get that natural look.

With this natural make-up we do not give up contour method, but of course we will feel our face much less heavy with an artificial zero attractiveness. Using this technique can be ideal for our routine, since it will save us makeup time, but it is also perfect for night looks. So do not hesitate to try it and get a perfect result, at the level of the most sought-after celebrities of the moment.

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