Get organized with The Home Edit method: All about its second season

In full 2020 Get organized with The Home Edit methodleft us one of the most inspiring realities to give a 360º turn to our lives with a organization method impeccable. Now, in the spring of 2022, Clea and Joanna return in a second season to show us that it does not matter if we are the biggest celebrities or ordinary people, the organization in our home can completely change our lifestyle.

What we learned in the first installment of the series with Reese witherspoon, Rachel Zoe, Khloé Kardashian and Neil Patrick Harris; now it is endorsed in a second season to realize that the transformation in the home is possible under the new method of the experts: The Home Edit. Marking this one of the premieres of april 2022 most prominent in reality shows.

When is Organízate premiered with The Home Edit method?

Get organized with The Home Edit method, is one of the most outstanding April releases. Although we have had to wait two years to continue these stories, the first day of april the wait will be over to see the continuation of this incredible method of organization.

Drew Barrymore in the second season of Get Organized with The Home Edit MethodNetflix

What is Get Organized with The Home Edit method about?

Clea and Joanna They are two experts in home organization. After founding the The HomeEdit method and cause a sensation, they have decided to transfer the method to a reality show to help their clients and their viewers to debug, catalog and accommodate any clutter that present in your home, as well as create dazzling spaces that improve the quality of life. In this second season, the experts return alternating stories between common characters and celebrities to, throughout eight chapters, show that your method is worthy and infallible in any circumstance. In addition to giving us a great lesson in how to use The Home Edit method, the protagonists of this reality show confirm that style and order can go hand in hand to give us peace and tranquility in our home and our daily lives.

What is The Home Edit method?

The Home Edit is the method created by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer to organize your home with style.Matt Sayles/Netflix

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