“Get over it”: Evelyn Beltrán, Toni Costa’s girlfriend, responds to those who call her “destroy homes”

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The courtship between Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán continues to generate controversy and divided opinions because while there are dozens of people who celebrate it, there are others who continue to point it out for not trying to fix things with Adamari López.

Yes ok the couple announced their formal relationship in February this yearapparently they had been dating for several months, as they explained in an interview they gave to the journalist Mandy Fridmann for “Top News”, in which they took advantage of the space to deny the rumors of infidelity that persecute them.

“We didn’t decide to start anything because things have to be done well. When they start badly, they end badly, and to this day, almost 7 months and something like that”, mentioned the Spaniard.

Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa without fear of criticism show off their love in networks
Photo: Instagram @evelynbeltranoficial

Nevertheless, For many Internet users, it does not seem to have been clear that they started their romance once they finished with their previous partners. and one more time They attacked the Mexican model on social networks, accusing her of being the “other” and of “destroying homes.”

Yes ok Evelyn Beltran She has remained on the sidelines of what they say about her, this time she did not tolerate it and exploded against those who point out that she is the “other”.

“Did you live there to find out what happened?” wrote and in another comment explained that she met Toni Costa months after she officially separated from Adamari López, in May 2021.

Photo: Instagram @evelynbeltranoficial

However, the attacks continued and there was a netizen who posted: “Yes, they are (sic) pretty, very pretty when it’s clean and you don’t destroy homes because they have kids.”

To which the also known as “La Bichota” replied: “No one destroyed anything.” “get over it”

Photo: Instagram @evelynbeltranoficial

Seeing the attacks Toni Costa appeared to condemn the comments against his girlfriendbecause just like her, he is tired of them getting into their relationship and accusing him of something that did not happen, since both he and Adamari Lopez They maintain that their marriage was fractured and it was a matter of months to end.

“It is what provokes his comments so ugly with so little respect, What a pity for people who without any tact or respect talk like that about another woman, what a pity that you are unhappy people and whoever says otherwise is wrong, since someone with a happy life is unable to put a comment like that, what more creepy peoplehe added.

Toni Costa came out in defense of Evelyn Beltrán
Photo: Instagram @evelynbeltranoficial

Toni’s publication generated various reactions, there were those who took his side, asking him to enjoy his love with Evelyn, and not to enter into further conflict with those who attack them. The truth is the couple is increasingly exposed on social networks with sweet photos or videos of their adventures in their travels in the United States.

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