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Spotify has changed the way of listening to music and this is everything you need to know about the app and the best tricks.

Spotify has become the world’s most popular music platform. Despite the fact that other alternatives have been appearing, such as Apple Music, it is still the most used streaming music app in the world. If you want to get the most out of Spotify, we are going to tell you everything you need to know and the best tricks.

Basic Spotify Tips

The first that you should know about Spotify are these tipsthen we move on to the tricks for more advanced users.

How to sign up for Spotify and account types

Before you start enjoying Spotify, just like any other service, you must download the app. Spotify is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone, although for the Apple device you must register from the web.

Once the download is complete you have to create an online account. There are currently two types available.

  • free account: It will allow you to listen to music for free for as long as you want, but from time to time we will have to listen to ads.
  • Single Premium Account: It has a price of 9.99 euros per month. There are no ads, no listening limits, and includes the ability to download music for offline listening. Spotify allows us to try Premium accounts for free for 30 days if this is the first time we sign up.
  • Premium Student Account: the same advantages of the Premium Individual account but at half the price, only 4.99 euros.
  • Duo Premium Account: This account allows two users to connect to Spotify premium for 12.99 euros.
  • Family Premium Account: for 15.99 euros per month you can have up to 6 Spotify premium users.

How to search for music on Spotify

This section does not require much explanation, since all we have to do is fill in the search field with the name of our favorite artist or song and it will appear instantly. In addition to appearing her most popular songs of the moment, we will also be able to see her discography as well as collaborations with other artists.

Spotify problems fix

Spotify is one of the most popular apps

How to save albums, songs and playlists on Spotify

When you find a song or album you like, you can add it to an existing playlist or a new one as a separate disc, or even save it to the Your Music section.

To add music to a playlist, select the desired song or album, right-click, and select Add to… > New list, if you want to create a new list, or otherwise select an existing one. Playlists are ordered from newest to oldest on the left side of the screen.

How to share music on Spotify

If you like a song and want to share it with others, it’s very simple. Locate the song you want to share, start playing it, touch bottom right on the share button and select the medium by which you want to share this song. You can do it with the direct link, you, or through WhatsApp, Instagram, Messages or other social networks.

What to do if Spotify is not working

Cheats for Spotify

In addition to this, there are some cool Spotify tricks that you should know to master the app 100%.

Follow artists and albums

Almost the first thing you need to do after installing the Spotify app is search artists. This is to build your own library. Find all the music you like and add it to your library. The more music you listen to, the better Spotify will be able to recommend new music that you will like.

Create your own playlists

Find a song you want to add to a playlist, tap the Menu button and select Add to playlist. If you haven’t already, create a playlist. Next time when you go to the Add to Playlist screen, all your playlists will be there.


Spotify allows you to listen to all the locations you want

Creating a playlist from the iPhone does not offer the best experience. if you plan create a long playlist, I suggest you use the Mac app or the web player. Adding songs to a playlist requires too many taps in the iPhone app because you have to add each one individually.

Try Spotify Radio

Spotify Radio allows listen to music similar to an album or playlist. Just go to an artist or list page and start the radio. You can play the artist’s songs and related music for hours, without ever having to touch the app.

Control Spotify from other devices

This is one of the best features of Spotify and it’s amazing how well it works. When you have Spotify playing on one device and open it on another, the app Spotify will throw a popup saying music is playing on another device. You can choose to continue listening on the other device and use the current device as a remote. Or you can seamlessly switch playback to the current device.

use the gestures

When you are browsing and come across a song in list form, you can swipe right to quickly add it to your library and swipe left to add it to the play queue.

Manage the playback queue

When you start playing a song from a playlist, Spotify automatically creates a play queue for you. Enter the Now Playing screen and tap the Queue button at the bottom right. You will see upcoming songs in the Next section. This is Spotify’s own smart queue for you.

You can move songs up or down. You can delete songs or tap Add to queue to create your own queue.


Spotify is compatible with any device

Download music to listen offline

When you’re browsing a playlist or album, you’ll see the download option at the top. Tap on it to save the songs to your device and be able to listen to them even if you don’t have an internet connection. This only works for Spotify Premium account users.

Change the download quality

Go into your library and tap on the Settings icon (gear icon), now select audio quality. From here you can change the allies with Wi-Fi and with mobile data between the options auto, low, normal, high and very high.

Activate data saving

There may be a time when you don’t want to use too much data when listening to music. Go back into the Settings within Spotify and tap on Data Saverthis will change the doll quality to low.

Clear cache to free up space

Spotify is one of the few iPhone apps that has the function of clearing the cache. Which is not the same as deleting downloaded music. These are just temporary files that Spotify has created that take up space. Go into Spotify Settings > Storage and tap on the button clear cache.

This app transforms links from Spotify to Apple Music, and vice versa

Spotify is one of the most downloaded apps and has changed the way we listen to music. With these tricks and tips you will be able to dominate the app like nobody else.

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