Gifts that never fail for your First Communion

Giving a gift to a boy or girl on the day of their First Communion is complicated. You have to know your tastes, those of your family… but there are things that never fail and are a sure hit. From an activity bracelet to an instant photo camera, through incredible experiences that you will never forget. We give you some gift ideas for your First Communion.

Perhaps it is still early for the little one to have his own mobile, but not to have a smart watch that in addition to measuring their activity (something that fascinates them to know how many they give a day) you can talk on the phone and send messages with family and friends. This is possible thanks to the Family Settings in watchOS 7. Of course, before giving this gift, make sure that someone in the family has an iPhone to be able to configure it. Price: From 219 euros.

Communion Gifts
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A perfect Communion gift is this full color EBook, ideal for reading comics or books with many illustrations. It has a large 7.8-inch screen, Wi-Fi Bluetooth connection, USB and 16 GB of internal memory. Its price is 304 euros.

Communion Gifts
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Communion Gifts
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Nintendo Switch is perhaps the console that best suits the needs of children because in addition to being able to have it installed at home it is portable. The catalog of games is endless, but if you have to give one away for their First Communion, Nintendo Switch Sport is perfect. There is a pack that includes a console plus a game for €319.99.

  • Hoverboard IO Chic Smart S3

A hoverboard electric scooter is a sure hit as a Communion gift. Although at first glance it seems complicated to handle, you just have to get into the right position and move your body in the direction you want to move. For children up to ten years old, a standard 6.5-inch wheel size is recommended. The IO Chic Smart S3 design can climb slopes of up to 15º and has a range of between 15 and 20 km. It costs €990.

Communion Gifts
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There are no regulations that regulate the age to start using an electric scooter, but its use is recommended from 7 years old, so this is another gift that never fails. The BMW E-scooter has a range of 12 km, weighs just 9 kg. and can be folded easily. Its price is €815.

Communion Gifts
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  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Children’s curiosity about the world around them is infinite: they discover, admire, play… And they love to immortalize everything that catches their attention. Photography, like any other artistic expression, should be taught from childhood.

That is why an instant photo camera can be the best Communion gift. With the Fujifilm Intax Mini 11 you can also print photos on the spot. It is equipped with a protective cover and photographic paper, and is priced at €99.

Communion Gifts
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A technological device will always excite the little host but also an experience, especially if you know their tastes. If she is an adventurer or adventurer, you can surprise with a helicopter ride through the sky of Madrid (the company Aladinia organizes experiences from €565) or with a horse ridefor example, due to the natural environment of the Lozoya Valley.

Communion Gifts
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An experience that is also always a success as a Communion gift is the Park Pass for the whole family and for those who prefer something quieter: Caldea Likids.

communion girl
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The plan is to invite the whole family to Caldea and the little ones will be able to enter an exclusive spa for them where they will have fun while learning through activities led by a team of monitors.

Communion Gifts
Photo: Chaldea

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