Gigi Hadid in duvet at the Met Gala 2022?

We already knew Gigi Hadid as Versace’s muse, but this time it’s not an advertising campaign but real life. Last night, Monday May 2, and therefore the first Monday of the month which rhymes with Met Gala, the model caused a sensation on the New York red carpet. The gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the most popular in the international fashion sphere and every year we understand the enthusiasm that surrounds this event. Shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a party celebrities dream of being invited to and one they wouldn’t miss for the world.

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Credit: Instagram @VERSACE

The “Celebrity Red Carpet Super Bowl”

The purpose of this event? “Raise funds for the Costume Institute of New York” and try to be the most stylish person by making an impression after walking the red carpet. Considered by many to be the “Celebrity Red Carpet Super Bowl,” tickets to the event can cost up to $35,000 each!

For a table, it will take between 200,000 and 300,000 dollars and the Met Gala organized last September would have brought in no less than 16.4 million dollars for the Met Costume Institute. Not bad, is it? The dress code for this year 2022 was “Gilded glamour”, echoing the “Gilded Age”, the American golden age of the end of the 19th century. This dress code corresponds to the theme “In America: A Fashion Anthology” which follows last year’s “In America: A Fashion Lexicon”.

Credit: Instagram @VERSACE


Some stars were able to pull out of the game like Blake Lively but also Gigi Hadid who also caused a sensation in an outfit totally signed Versace. For the occasion, the young woman wore a long personalized #AtelierVersace down jacket worn over an extremely tight vinyl catsuit with corset. So tight you could literally guess the model’s hip bones. All burgundy with a puffer jacket in a modern take on late 1800s coats. Versace talks on his Instagram account of “a refresh of the ‘Dolman’ silhouette for a new era of glamour.

And to add that her down jacket was “made in a burgundy silk duchess with deep jewel tones” like an “oversized opera coat” with degraded quilted finishes. “The corset and the exaggerated volume of the coat clash in a decadent contrast inspired by the volume and radical change of female silhouettes of the late 1800s,” it also read. To accompany her catsuit and her XXL down jacket, Gigi wore a pair of pointed boots with heels, also burgundy and in PVC, reaching her knee height. At her neck, we discovered a Chopard necklace in silver-colored pearls with burgundy as a reminder of her monochrome look.

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