Gigi Hadid: Is the sublime model in a relationship again?

On the heart side, Gigi Hadid remains very secretive about her private life since her pregnancy and her last breakup. So is the beautiful model in a relationship again?

A tumultuous relationship with singer Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid had a romantic relationship for nearly 5 years with singer Zayn Malik, who is a former member of successful boy bands One Direction. A troubled relationship since the latter have had to break up several times. From this relationship was born a little girl named Khai. Good news that seemed to have allowed the two to consolidate their relationship. Unfortunately following an altercation between the mother of Gigi Hadid and the singer, they unfortunately ended their relationship. This information was confirmed by relatives of the couple and reported by many celebrity magazines including closermag.fr.

Gigi Hadid, single again

Following her separation from singer Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid wanted to stay on good terms with the father of her child in order to allow their daughter to grow up in a healthy and loving environment. A decision that raised tensions within the model’s family, but which also allowed her to get closer to her sister Bella, who supported her enormously during this difficult period according to the magazine elle.fr. Gigi Hadid, more radiant than ever, seems to be recovering from her separation. The star prefers to focus more on her career and most importantly her daughter Khai. So although she’s single again, Gigi Hadid apparently isn’t ready to get back together anytime soon.


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