Gigi Hadid plays camouflage and launches this fashion trend

Isabel Marant spring-summer 2023: a sun collection that invites you to party

Solar, as usual, the Isabel Marant fashion show overwhelmed the modosphere with a wave of heat, despite the grayness of Paris. Having kept her traditional Thursday spot during Paris Fashion Week, which this year fell on September 29, 2022, the 55-year-old French stylist shone with her superbness and that of her 52 feminine and masculine silhouettes.

A collection inspired by Isabel Marant’s debut in 1995

In a joyful and lively mood, the collection Isabel Marantspring-summer 2023 brought back chromatic palettes and sketches reminiscent of the debut of the designer in 1995. At the time, the young woman had paraded her friends in a squat under the leadership of her eponymous brand. In 2022, the story continues and rises once again to a whole new level.

Isabel Marant Paris emphasizes femininity

Leather fused with silk, while crochet flirted with skin. Together, they echoed the femininity and soft fragility of wife Isabel Marant. Even more vibrant, the event was also a tribute to the late photographer Corinne Day who revealed Kate Moss at the dawn of her full notoriety. To do things in due form, the designer has put on her best clothes. That of prescriber of fashion trends.

For her SS23 fashion show, Isabel Marant honors the Y2K style

It is by offering flashback to 2000s style, the day after the founding of the French luxury house, Isabel Marant delivered a most remarkable sartorial performance. What works? The total versatility of his creations, which can be worn in all circumstances, in town or on a wild evening. Which was also the case at theafter party Isabel Marant given once the curtain has fallen.

On the program on catwalk ? A spring and summer collection, which embodies the city woman, the real one. This return to basics was the perfect timing to reissue the Isabel Marant fashion DNA. Having pushed the detail to the end, the jovial and accomplished stylist, notably madeArts and crafts as the key word of his collection. Woven macrame on an organza blouse was on point, as were delicate silk chiffon, signature patchwork, and tiny seed beads affixed to a camisole.

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Gigi Hadid launches the ultimate fashion trend at the Isabel Marant SS23 show

On the other hand, among all fashion trends spotted near the Isabel Marant fashion show, only one really stands out. And it’s Gigi Hadid who was chosen to wear it.

Camouflage print: the fashion trend from the Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2023 show

Having paraded in duet with her younger sister Bella, Gigi Hadid had the privilege of wearing the ultimate strong piece of the Isabel Marant SS23 collection. The coveted piece? A jacket worn as a dress, and what’s more, of military inspiration because of its camo print slightly blanched. A pattern yet far from going unnoticed since being worn by the 27-year-old American model, this military print has established itself as the next big fashion trend for fall-winter 2022-2023. It remains to be seen, what will be the next it girl to follow in the footsteps of this style effect that disarms anyone.

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