Gigi Hadid reveals she suffers from impostor syndrome all the time

The supermodel Gigi Hadid expressed that she is not much different from the rest of us as she launches her fashion label and confesses to suffering from impostor syndrome.

Speaking to Vogue, Hadid said, “I have impostor syndrome all the time. »

She’s established herself in the modeling world, but since becoming a mother to two-year-old baby boy Khai, whom she shares with ex-singer Zayn Malik, she’s decided to try a different guy. work, reports mirror.co.uk.

The model launched her cashmere brand Guest in Residence last month. The idea for the brand had been brewing for some time, she recalls a time when her parents gave her a cashmere sweater to combat the New York cold when she started at New School.

Despite having a very successful modeling career, Gigi insisted that a desk job would make her feel “much more stable”.

She said, “You can’t be a model forever. I was creative and that’s where I saw my life. I had thought about cashmere before, but I think this (pregnancy) just made me think about how much calmer I would feel with an office job. I can take my daughter there with me.”

Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson said: “Sometimes I forget you’re the creative director and boss of a huge company. »

This prompted Gigi to admit that she was okay with her, confessing that she has impostor syndrome all the time.

Gigi went on to explain that it’s always tempting to associate with fast fashion, which often offers instant gratification and income, but she wanted to take a more thoughtful and sustainable path.

The creative director chose a factory that reseeds and felt cashmere was important in creating her thoughtful product.

She said, “I thought it wasn’t necessarily obvious, but that I was expected to release something that was more of a fast-fashion type situation. (Cashmere) seemed to me to be the right material with which I could play in many different ways while remaining faithful to me, to my style. »

Gigi recently made headlines when she stepped up to defend Gabriella as Kanye West criticized the fashion editor online.

“You wish you had a percentage of his intelligence. You have no idea haha…. If there really is a meaning to all your shit, she might be the only person who can save you,” she wrote.

“As if the ‘honor’ of being a guest on your show should prevent someone from giving their opinion…? Lol. You are a bully and a joke. »

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