Gigi Hadid’s scathing message to Kanye West after another Fashion Week slip-up

Kanye West keep doing his thing. To present its new Yeezy collection at the Fashion Week from Paris, the rapper gave a confidential parade outside the official calendar. But at the event, one piece of clothing from his collection – worn by a model on the catwalk but also by the artist himself – caught particular attention. He actually presented a flocked lettering t-shirt “White Lives Matter” (which could be translated as “white lives matter”) on the back. A slogan hijacked by the American far right and which refers to Black Lives Matter, the protest movement against social and racial injustice, particularly publicized since the death of George Floyd in 2020.

To support his message, Kanye West appeared with Candace Owens, an ultra-conservative African-American columnist and supporter of Donald Trump. The latter is also the initiator of “Blexit” (in reference to Brexit), a movement aimed at African-Americans to encourage them to turn away from the Democratic Party, for which they vote mainly, and join the Conservatives.


— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) October 3, 2022

Present in the front row of the rapper’s parade, the Vogue journalist, Gabriella Karefa-Johnsondenounced on his Instagram account the hijacking of the Black Lives Matter slogan, assuring that the message was “deeply (…)

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