Gignac contacted Piojo Herrera after his ‘old man’ celebration Halftime

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During the duel of Day 1 of the Clausura 2023 in view of Saints, André-Pierre Gignac he scored and celebrated by pretending to be an old man with a cane, for which he immediately circulated in the media and social networks, that his celebration had been with dedication to Miguel Herrerawho still as a feline DT, called the squad of tigersusing the 37-year-old Frenchman as an example.

Given this, El Piojo in an interview with Fox Sports, revealed that after the match, leaving the stadium, Gignac contacted him to assure him that the celebration had not been for him; however, Herrera’s response was incredible.

And it is that Miguel accepted the Bomboro that he had practically earned me to celebrate in that way, after having made a mistake in his statements when he was eliminated in Quarterfinals against Pachuca at Apertura 2022.

“As I told him, because later he wrote to me, eh, the game ended and all the social networks began to exploit that stuff, and the truth is that leaving the stadium he wrote to me later and said ‘Miguel, you know what year and We half had an extraordinary time and it wasn’t for you'”.

“And I, ‘look André, whether or not it was for me, I will always keep the professionalism that you showed me, with the attitude, with the determination, you did what I always asked you to do, you worked as I asked you, and In addition, I opened the door because of a word that was misused, but in the end I used the word.”

“And if you did, I opened the door and today if you did so, I will have to receive the circumstances as they occur and nothing gives me more pleasure that he continues to maintain that level, I said it, they are not eternal and I will continue saying it, No coach or manager are eternal, the only important thing in soccer is the ball. If the ball rolls, soccer will have names, other figures will come, other greats, today a great one like Pelé left us and I told André, If it was for me, it’s perfect, I opened that door, I continue with the same admiration for him as when I arrived,” Miguel replied on Fox Sports.

Who else could you dedicate it to?

Gignac could have also made this celebration for his critics, like the French fan who was interviewed by Multimedios at the World Cup in Qatar, who claimed that Gignac was old and should retire now. Back then, the Bomboro made fun of those statements.

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