Gilles Lellouche’s Prochain film with Adele Exarchopoulos and François Civil?

Gilles Lellouche and Adèle Exarchopoulos at the screening of Bac Nord (2020) at the Cannes Film Festival © Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis via Getty Images.

In October 2004, actor Gilles Lellouche PREMIER NEEDS TO COMPLETE CAMERA AND DEVIOLENT narco, They are premiere films as realistic. Presse de vingt ans lettres, et après la bon reception des critiques et du public de son second long-métrage Le Grand Bain (2018) – Commercially successful with 4.2 million viewings – I’m preparing a film entitled L’amour oops, who will solve In cinemas on October 16, 2024.

L’Amour Oeuf: A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the drug trade with Adèle Exarchopoulos and François Civil

Inspired by Roman epics published by Irish authors neville thompson In 2000, Le nouveau long-métrage de Gilles Lellouche Raconte une history of love from the depths of drug trafficking between a mobster, interpreted by the charismatic francois civil and his fiancee Delurey, Campi par l’Excellent Adele Exarchopoulos, Give apercus in binome dans le film Beck Nord (2020)

François Civil, Gilles Lellouche and Adèle Exarchopoulos in the film Bac Nord (2020) © Jerome Mackay/Chifoumi Productions.

Gilles Lellouche’s most ambitious film

According to an interview pierre lescure Danse L’Emission beau geste On France 2 on October 15, 2023, Gilles Lellouche to end it L’amour oops Croisette les Styles Cinematographiques, Integrant ““Notament de la Comédie Musical”. the explanation: “It’s a teen movie, a love movie , A party tour in Marseille, the long-running concert also includes scenes of dance choreography on the collection (CrowdWhich also marks his first appearance in dark rooms.

Pour le rest, les premières informations devoiles autre de ce project precisient que L’amour oops (2024) Dévet et l’un des films les most ambitiques de Gilles Lellouche, with a duration of approximately three hours. As he realized, this dernier’s grand return. Sara investigates exclusively, learning more about how she pitched her ideas for the film over 17 years…

L’Amour Oeuf (2024) by Gilles Lellouche, with Adele Exarchopoulos and François Civil, in theaters October 16, 2024.

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