Gio Reyna’s mother admits giving information about Berhalter

Gregg Berhalter, a former USMNT head coach, issued a press release revealing that non-US Soccer members threatened him with revealing secrets from his past. As a result, the 49-year-old technical director, confessed that in 1991 he kicked Rosalind Maria Santana, his now wife, after ingesting alcoholic beverages in a bar.

Now, Danielle ReinaGi’s mother, stated for The Athletic through a statement that she delivered the information about Berhalter’s physical abuse to the US Soccer Federation. The former USWNT player pointed out that she called Earnie Stewart, sports director, after the fault of her son was pointed out by the selector.

“To clear things up, I called Earnie Stewart on December 11, after Gregg’s negative comments about my son Gio came to light.”, the statement says. “I have known Earnie for years and consider him a close friend. I wanted him to know that I was upset by the situation Gio had been put in and that I personally felt betrayed by the actions of someone I’ve considered my friend for decades.”

The soccer player’s mother pointed out that Berhalter’s statement minimizes the abuse suffered by his now wife during the physical abuse and that she always supported Rosalind.

Without delving into details, yesterday’s remarks significantly downplay the abuse in question. Rosalind Berhalter was my roommate, teammate, and best friend, and I supported her through the subsequent trauma,” Danielle explains.

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Claudio’s statement

claudio reinafather of Gio and husband of Danielle, also issued a statement for The Athletic and pointed out that he also interceded so that the negative comments about his son would stop.

“I support my wife and her statement. I was also upset by Gregg’s comments about Gio after the USMNT’s elimination at the World Cup. and I also asked Earnie Stewart to avoid future comments,” said the former captain of the Stars and Stripes team.

The former technical director of the USMNT indicated that he was threatened by people outside the federation, but in his statement Claudio Reyna declared that he never threatened anyone.

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