Girl dies due to chronic kidney disease, not treated properly!

The death of a minor was confirmed, who required attention from the state hemodialysis center in Kolyma, and although he had already requested it, he did not receive adequate treatment from health authorities.

Before the unfortunate incident, the Human Rights Commission of the State of Colima had issued precautionary measure CDHEC/2V/577/2023 to the Ministry of Health since last September 14 for the alleged violation of the human rights to health of a minor. The age at which chronic kidney disease was diagnosed.

According to the testimony given by the father, as a precautionary measure, the minor received three hemodialysis treatments at the Regional University Hospital, although the doctor indicated that there was no longer room to continue his treatment, so he had to go to the state center. Hemodialysis arrived the same day and indicated that she would be placed on a waiting list, unless one of the users died and there was no free space, they could offer the place to her daughter.

It was later discovered that the girl’s health had deteriorated, leading to her death, this has been confirmed by the Human Rights Commission of Colima State.

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