Give Sienna Miller some white sandals and she will change fashion

Nobody collects as many jeans and knows the trends (classic, boho and modern) as she does, so yes Sienna Miller wears white sandals without stopping, is that THEY TAKE. We do not need more proof nor do we entertain any doubt after seeing the ones in Zara.

How Nicole Kidman’s coats acted as a shield against the outside world in The Undoing (HBO), clothing Sienna Miller in anatomy of a scandal (Netflix), serves as armor for the protagonist against public opinion. This is explained by the person in charge of costumes for both literary adaptations. Because if a sweater from The Row or a camel coat from Max Mara can’t stop the gossip from spreading, nothing will. In neutral colors – a lot of gray and even more beige – the wife of the minister on whom the horrible accusation weighs, far from discreetly blending in or raising a barrier of false indifference, only manages to show an increasingly elegant and sophisticated image.

It is not difficult to imagine the old scars that the script of the miniseries made throb on the skin of the actress who plays Sophie Whitehouse. Perhaps that is why Sienna Miller is exultant in her first leading role or perhaps because she, with a hat and braids, as we imagined her in the English countryside in the days before her sister’s hippie wedding, is enough and more than enough to dazzle .

Secondary on the screen and main, always, on the red carpet, give Sienna Miller some minimalist white sandals and she will rock the fashion world. It will turn them into an unbeatable trend, even though there are still those who consider them tacky. It has been doing it since time immemorial and the promotion of anatomy of a scandal could not be an exception.

The boho girl in the country dresses has evolved into the woman in the white dress and red lips, without changing her shoes. In it, even the most classic sweater or coat is a trend and even tacky sandals are FASHION. If Sienna Miller wears white sandals, they are worn. It only remains to know how (to combine them) and where (to buy them).

– With tweed set –

Sienna Miller wearing white Marie sandals from Wandler.

Neil Mockford

– With a sweater and gathered skirt (actually a dress) –

Sienna Miller in a draped dress by Khaite.


– With a draped lingerie dress and cloth coat –

Sienna Miller in Gia Borghini x RHW white thong sandals.



Zara’s white sandals with thin straps and wedge heels.

Ecru white toe sandals (€35.95).

© Courtesy of Zara

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