“Give us back Twitter,” continues to boo Elon Musk during a video game tournament in Los Angeles

During the recently concluded Valorant Champions esports tournament in Los Angeles, California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was booed by the crowd. The news especially intrigued trade publications, which added this colorful story to the story of a summer full of updates. Framed by the camera, as is the case during any sporting event, when he looks for the VIPs in the stands, Elon Musk has caused quite a stir, which has also been noticed by commentators. Immediately afterward, a small chorus of protest began: “Give us back Twitter,” “Give us back Twitter.”

The Verge underlined the fact that Elon Musk booing is not a new event. The businessman was recently booed on the Dave Chappelle show. After acquiring Twitter for $44 billion in the fall of 2022, Musk sparked an internal revolution, culminating in the company’s name and brand change. Goodbye Twitter and blue bird, to make way for X. His profile continues to be one of the most interesting on the technological scene, to the point that we have dedicated an article and a podcast to him in our “Extraordinary Lives” format.

In recent weeks Elon Musk has also been at the center of another case, which has very little to do with the technological world. Upset by Meta’s decision to launch Threads, a Twitter clone (sorry, X), Musk threw down the gauntlet to martial arts enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg, inviting him to a cage fight for solve it otherwise. Rumors have been going around for weeks about a possible clash between billionaires: the clues pointed to an agreement to make an appointment in Italy. To date, everything is pending with the reasons why Musk complains of back pain and possible surgery.

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