Glitter nails: Hailey Bieber shows off fall’s prettiest mirror manicure

Model and businesswoman hailey bieber It is one of the references in the fashion world and of course, the famous lady also set the trend with her manicure, as it was one of the main reasons why shiny nails swept into the street style. However, once again, Justin Bieber’s wife is already implementing the new fashion with a version that has blown our minds: Nails shining from the mirror. Have you seen them already?

Hailey Bieber teaches us how to get the prettiest glitter nails for fall

Via her main nail artist’s social network, we were able to see Hailey Bieber wearing what will soon become fall’s hottest acrylic nail design. This is a style of glitter acrylic nails that features extraordinary shine that is achieved by combining liquid polish and powder polish.

Hailey Bieber’s long nails have a stunning natural nude tone that shines brilliantly thanks to a touch of silver powder polish. This is definitely a nail design that stylish and revitalizes your hands and will make you look really beautiful in the office.

Hailey Bieber nails glitter
Hailey Bieber shows off glitter nails that will conquer autumn I.G.

How can I get mirror shine nails at home? 2 easy steps

step 1

Apply the first coat of pink nude polish to your long nails. Next, apply a top coat to protect the color of your nails.

glitter nails
Paint a pink nude polish as a base. I.G.

step 2

Next, take some silver polish powder and mix it with a little white paint.

Using an eye brush, apply some powder polish to your nails from the center upward. Finally, apply a fresh layer of top coat.

glitter nails
Create acrylic nails that will be in trend in autumn. I.G.

Now that you know the right way to get the mirror glaze nails that are on trend for fall, visit your nail artist or start practicing at home. Showcase beautiful and sophisticated hands with manicure that will become a sensation in the autumn season.

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