Global offensive and the $50,000 mistake

An old and annoying bug in counter strike global offensive destroyed the hopes of winning for a professional team, which lost the opportunity to get a jackpot of $50,000. The protagonists of this story are the EYE BALLthe team of the former Fnatic star JW, his opponent was the The Koguitosa Polish formation that exploded an insect to get a decisive advantage.

counter strike global offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive and its system failures

The main error consists in the fact that Gun silencers go through the walls.revealing the position of the players, this vulnerability cost JW his death in the first match, leading Los Koguitos to conquer point A, thus winning the round. In the second fight the EYBALLERS recovered to win the match, however in the third and final fight Los Koguitos prevailed and eliminated the EYBALLERS from the tournament.

counter attack 2

If it wasn’t for the bug, maybe the story would have been different, unfortunately this is a problem that affects Counter Strike: Globa.l Offensive for years and has affected many other professionals. This episode demonstrates how the title has serious structural problemshowever there is still hope given that counter attack 2 will solve the problems of his predecessor.

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